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Premier Medical Aesthetics Clinic in Manitoba

Dr. Minuk Cosmetic SkinClinic stands as a premier medical aesthetics facility in Manitoba, under the esteemed guidance of Dr. Minuk. Our clinic specializes in advanced cosmetic treatments, offering meticulous and professional solutions to address various aesthetic concerns. With a focus on medical precision and patient well-being, our clinic is your destination for comprehensive cosmetic enhancement.

Price List

Botox Dysport Nuceiva

Save 10% in your Birthday month (returning patients only)

Additional charges may apply for micro-tox or advanced off-label treatments

per unit

Dermal Fillers

Price may vary for advanced techniques or types of filler

per syringe


Sculptra is not a filler but a collagen stimulator. It requires expertise to use.  Dr. Minuk helped launch Sculptra to Canada and is an expert in Sculptra art and application.

Provided during consultation


BOTOX for Excessive Sweating

Provided during consultation

Underarms, palms and sole injection fees is covered by Manitoba Health

Provided during consultation

Chemical Peel-Skin Brightening & Melasma

A chemical peel uses a chemical solution to remove layers of skin, revealing the more youthful skin underneath. Chemical peels can reduce or improve fine lines and wrinkles, acne, scars, uneven skin coloring and other skin imperfections. Different chemicals determine the depth of your peel and type of skin condition treated.


Chemical Peels -Acne

A 20-30% salicylic acid peel under Dr. Minuk's direction helps remove blackheads, and mild acne.


trust your skin to a dermatologist


Returning Botox & Filler Patients

Returning Botox patient

15 mins | TBA

Returning Dermal Filler patient

30 mins | TBA

Returning Botox Underarm hyperhidrosis patient

30 mins | Injection fee covered


Consult Botox

30 mins | Free

Consult Dermal Filler

30 mins | Free

Consult Lip enhancement

30 mins | Free

Consult Non-surgical face lift

30 mins | Free

Consult-Botox for Underarm Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)

30 mins | Covered by MB Health

Consult Facial Veins

30 mins | Covered by MB Health

Consult Spider leg vein treatment (sclerotherapy)

30 mins | Free

Have your spider leg veins assessed for treatment

Consult Facial Pigmentation / Melasma

30 mins | C$100

Informational and educational consult with Dermatologist Dr. Minuk Consult payment is in advance and non-refundable with a no-show or without 2 business days' notice to cancel or change appointment. A team member will be in touch to review and take prepayment

Consult-Botox for palmar or soles hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)

30 mins | Covered by MB Health

Consultation is covered by Manitoba Health


Treatment-Botox (Returning Botox Patient)

30 mins | minimum $200


Treatment-Dermal Filler (Returning Filler Patient)

30 mins | minimum $250


Treatment-Botox for hyperhidrosis (underarm, palms or soles); returning Botox patients only

30 mins | No injection Fee. Rx fee

A $100 fee may be charged if 2 business days notice is not provided to change or cancel this appointment; you fail to show for the appointment.

Treatment- Sculptra (non-surgical face-lift) returning patients only

45 mins | Free


Treatment-Facial Vein(s) (Laser treatment)

30 mins | minimum $150

Please remove make-up before visit. Deposit maybe required

Treatment-Chemical peel (skin brightening, pigmentation or acne)

30 mins | C$175

Must have had an assessment before. Please remove makeup several hours before visit

Treatment Port Wine Stain Birthmark

30 mins | TBA

Generally available ONLY on Fridays

Treatment-Spider leg vein treatment

30 mins | C$175

A $100 fee may be charged if 2 business days notice is not provided to change or cancel this appointment; you fail to show for the appointment.

Filler Promo - Buy 2 syringes & receive 1/2 additional syringe FREE

45 mins | Discussed at appointment


Filler Promo - Buy 3 syringes & receive 1 additional syringe FREE

45 mins | Discussed at appointment


Botox promo July 25-28 SAVE 10%

30 mins | Discussed in-office

Minimum $300 treatment required to save 10%

Plastic Surgery Operation. Cropped photo of pretty and young blonde woman touching her fac


All injections done personally by Dr. Minuk

Experience the clinical effectiveness of Botox, a neuromodulator treatment designed to mitigate dynamic facial wrinkles through precise muscle relaxation. Utilizing meticulous injections, Dr. Minuk addresses specific facial muscles responsible for expressions, delivering controlled and subtle enhancements. If pursuing a refined and ageless appearance, our Botox treatment offers a clinically grounded option to consider.

Rediscover facial volume and equilibrium with dermal filler treatments, utilizing hyaluronic acid-based formulations to restore tissue structure and proportions. Dr. Minuk strategically administers these fillers, achieving harmonious contours while respecting anatomical integrity. Offering a meticulously tailored approach, dermal fillers serve as a clinically informed solution for those seeking facial enhancement.

Unlock the therapeutic potential of medical-grade skin lasers, adeptly employed to address diverse skin concerns, including scars, pigmentation irregularities, and photodamage signs. Leveraging cutting-edge laser technology, our treatments stimulate collagen synthesis, fostering improved skin texture and uniformity. Dr. Minuk's skin laser procedures adhere to clinical precision, providing a medically grounded pathway to skin rejuvenation.

Embark on a journey toward personalized solutions for portwine stain birthmarks, overseen by Dr. Minuk's experienced medical practice. Implementing advanced laser techniques, we strive to minimize the appearance of vascular lesions, utilizing clinical expertise to enhance skin uniformity. If seeking a medically grounded approach to addressing portwine stain birthmarks, our treatments offer a comprehensive clinical strategy.

Restore leg aesthetics through leg vein sclerotherapy, a clinically proven technique involving the injection of a sclerosing solution to diminish the appearance of varicose and spider veins. Executed with meticulous precision by Dr. Minuk, this intervention results in vein collapse and improved circulation, yielding a smoother and more cosmetically pleasing leg contour. If contemplating leg vein treatment, our sclerotherapy procedures align with clinical excellence.

Reveal revitalized skin through facial and chemical peel treatments, expertly conducted by Dr. Minuk. These controlled exfoliation procedures delicately remove epidermal layers, stimulating cellular renewal and unveiling a fresher, rejuvenated skin surface. If aspiring to a more even complexion and texture, our facial and chemical peels offer a clinically grounded avenue for achieving skin renewal.

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