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Enhance Your Natural Beauty

DR. MINUK COSMETIC SKINCLINIC provides a pathway to healthier and more radiant skin.

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Dr. Minuk Cosmetic SkinClinic: Your Premier Cosmetic Skin Clinic in Winnipeg

At Dr. Minuk Cosmetic SkinClinic, we recognize and celebrate the unique beauty of every individual. Under the guidance of Dr. Minuk, a dedicated dermatologist based in Winnipeg, our clinic is devoted to highlighting your natural beauty through a personalized range of services. Dr. Minuk's passion for enhancing your unique features is at the heart of what we do.


Conveniently situated on Portage Avenue in Winnipeg, our clinic, Dr. Minuk Cosmetic SkinClinic, is the premier destination for achieving skin perfection. Our comprehensive services are designed to cater to your specific needs, ensuring a tailored approach to your skin's requirements. Whether you're seeking rejuvenation, enhancement, or maintenance, our clinic is your trusted partner in realizing your aesthetic goals.

Visit our cosmetic skin clinic in Winnipeg and discover the state-of-the-art solutions that prioritize your well-being and beauty.

NeuroToxins (Botox, Nuceiva, Dysport):

Explore precise facial enhancement with BOTOX or a similar ‘neurotoxin,’ a meticulously administered treatment that effectively reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles, achieving a refined and natural result.

Fillers & Lip Enhancements

Elevate facial contours with our dermal filler treatments, strategically placed to restore volume and create harmonious proportions, producing a balanced and rejuvenated aesthetic.


Lasers & Portwine Stain Treatment

Experience the potential of medical-grade skin lasers, targeting specific concerns such as scars and signs of aging, promoting collagen synthesis for comprehensive skin revitalization.

Spider Leg Vein Treatments (Sclerotherapy):

Restore leg aesthetics with leg vein sclerotherapy. This expert procedure addresses unsightly spider veins, promoting a smoother and more confident leg appearance.


Facial Rejuvenation 

Reveal refreshed skin with our facial and chemical peel treatments, meticulously designed to exfoliate and renew the skin's surface, achieving a revitalized and rejuvenated complexion.



Micro-needling enhances the skin's glow and improves skin tone, texture, pigmentation, stretch marks, acne, and scarring with minimal recovery time.

CoolPeel C02 Laser

Get set for better skin, removal of fine lines, smaller pores, and skin texture second to none!

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See What Our Happy Patients Are Saying

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Buy 2 get ½ for free

Buy 3 get 1 for free


(Botox, Dysport, Nuceiva, Letybo)



COOL  Peel C02 Laser & Millennial Cool Peel

Get set for better skin! 

Talk to us about:

acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles, skin texture, aging skin, facial veins and red birthmarks

unwanted facial discolorations, facial mole removal and glowing radiant skin


A micro-droplet hydration lasting up to 9 months

Call for details on how this innovation Juvederm injection treatment gives a Radiant Glow


Please check back often!

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Here are some frequently asked questions regarding our cosmetic clinic in Winnipeg.

  • Is BOTOX safe?
    Yes! Dr. Minuk has provided hundreds of treatments and is experienced in neuromodulator use. However, this is a ‘medical procedure,’ and side effects can occur. Dr. Minuk is a board-certified dermatologist with years of training and experience treating wrinkles and lines that have appeared over the years.
  • How does BOTOX work?
    BOTOX in small injected doses stops the muscle from contracting or moving. This results in a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles with time. The treatment should be repeated every 3-5 months to maintain your correction.
  • Are the injections painful?
    There may be mild discomfort, but Dr. Minuk reports none of his patients have discontinued treatment due to discomfort.
  • What is the recovery time?
    There is no actual downtime. You can return to your regular schedule immediately after your treatment. However, we ask you not to go to the gym or have a workout treatment day and request you not to lie down for 3 hours following treatment.
  • What are the most common facial areas for it?
    The most common treatment areas are frown lines between the eyes, crow’s feet (lines around the eyes) around the eyes and horizontal lines across the forehead. Dr. Minuk will balance your eyebrows and provide a browlift if desired! More advanced treatment areas of the lower face, jawline, or neck can be discussed during your consultation.
  • What are the side effects?
    The most common side effects are bruising at the injection site, headaches, and mild swelling. A temporary eyelid droop can occur in 1-2% of treatments. We have eyedrop drops to help reverse this uncommon effect.
  • How often will I need BOTOX injections?
    BOTOX effects vary from person to person, with the average treatment lasting 3-5 months. We recommend treatments every 3 ½ to 4 months to maintain your correction. However, 2-3 times yearly is helpful as well.
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5 Star Reviews- What Our Patients Say

Knowledgeable & Skillful

Dr Minuk has SKILLS! Medically his knowledge is exemplary as he is constantly training with the best. He trains world wide and brings to his practice the newest treatments for Botox and fillers. He is a Dr who analyzes the face, more like an artist, and then offers suggestions to compliment rather than improve and has never tried to sell or push a treatment option. What he does makes you feel like your very best self. He is a Dr I trust & follow.

Scott Mcouat 

October 2023

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